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By combining art, humor, empowering messages, and some techno-wizardry, we provide a t-shirt shopping experience that's up to date with the times, and putting a more innovative spin on the current POD craze, unlike most other lifestyle brands.

In the spirit of hip-hop, our t-shirts are "remixiable" with several options to choose from. This gives customers the ability to rock a t-shirt with a message that really represents their style and personality.

While our brand caters to the urban/hip-hop/streetwear niche, the additional perk of remixable t-shirts makes for multiple opportunities to earn revenue. New products, new designs, and even new options to existing designs makes for a dynamic that is as attention grabbing as it is marketable.

What Makes Concoct Clothing Different?

We know there are a lot of "clothing lines" coming out of the woodworks these days. So you may wonder, what sets us apart? In addition to our unique approach to t-shirt design comes decades of experience in web development, graphic design, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

We didn't just launch from the popular e-commerce app of the day. We are well versed in what it takes to help our ambassadors and affiliates make money, and we understand the importance of nurturing that partnership. We have graphic designers and developers ready and available to provide you with marketing tools, assets, and support in any way possible.

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